About Us

The wealth management team at SBC has many decades of multigenerational wealth management experience. The hallmark of the team is true dedication to our client’s financial and lifestyle objectives with professional and personalized services. As a registered investment advisor we adhere to the highest fiduciary standards and are committed to our client’s success.


At SBC Wealth Management, our mission is to position our clients to meet their financial and lifestyle objectives while adhering to the very highest fiduciary standards. When the markets, the economy or life altering events deliver an unexpected challenge to our clients, we are there to make sure they make it through.


Growth is vital to the long term success of any company, although growth purely for the sake of size has little purpose. We will continue to grow SBC with purpose, through a committed focus on client resources, personalized service, and uncompromising quality. We will continue to invest in technology, in human capital, and in the necessary systems to guide our present and future clients into the world that lies ahead.