What We Do

What We Do

Retirement and Distribution Planning

The days of the gold watch, pension and post retiree health care benefits have become a distant memory. Coupled with the complexity of markets and financial products, the need for a comprehensive retirement plan has never been greater. Creating and managing sustainable income streams have become one of the most crucial pieces of the retirement puzzle to provide a comfortable, enjoyable, and stress free retirement. The professionals at SBC Wealth Management have been helping clients both create and preserve their wealth for many decades so they can sleep well at night and live the retirement lifestyle they deserve.

  • Forecasting for Retirement objectives, Wealth Accumulation and Income Objectives
  • Income Sustainability and Tax Management Strategies
  • Employer Plan Allocation, Distribution and Rollover Planning
  • Annual Performance Monitoring & Evaluation

Personal Financial Planning

Reaching our financial dreams and goals is a daunting task in today’s complex financial world. No longer can we rely on employer pensions for a successful retirement. The cost of college education has risen to almost incomprehensible levels. The investment universe has become increasingly complex and confusing. To truly live the life we want we need the solutions to these and many other financial issues that present themselves along the path of life. The team at SBC is ready to help you figure out the most important things to you about the lifestyle you desire. We know without a properly prepared plan or roadmap it is quite difficult to achieve the success you really want. We will prepare a plan tailored for the life you want to live, and lay out a strategy to help you navigate the road ahead.

  • Detailed discussion of Personal and Family Lifestyle Goals
  • Personalized Cash Flow analysis
  • Risk Management analysis
  • Investment analysis
  • Projections for Retirement Planning
  • Educational Funding strategies
  • Implementation and Periodic Review

Investment Advisory Services

The investment landscape has changed dramatically in the last few decades. Technology, global economies, and the sheer size of investment markets have led to much more volatility which in turn creates more concern and apprehension by investors today. SBC’s investment committee, led by Andrew Fairman, CFA and SBC’s CIO, makes every attempt to develop portfolio models and investment strategies specific to your needs and to protect your lifestyle goals. We also strive to provide clarity, education, and a full understanding of how these strategies will keep you on the path to success so you can sleep well at night.

  • Client Portfolio Management
  • Research and Selection of Investments
  • Online Portfolio and Resource access
  • Implementation and Periodic Review of Recommendations

Estate and Legacy Planning

We spend a lifetime creating and managing our estate and yet fail to plan for our desires to be carried out in the event of an incapacity or death. The complexities of ever changing tax laws, trusts, markets and financial products can make planning for a potential incapacity or death overwhelming. The team at SBC have helped hundreds of clients crystalize their objectives and make sure their assets end up with the family members important to them, and the charities and organizations they care about. At the same time making sure estate settlement costs are minimized and assets are protected.

  • Complete Asset Valuation, Ownership and Beneficiary Review
  • Recommendations and Analysis of Wills Trusts and other Legacy Documents
  • Elder Care Strategies
  • Estate Settlement Cost Minimization Strategies
  • Implementation of Plan Recommendation and Periodic review
  • Special Needs Strategies

Corporate Financial Education Workshops

SBC Wealth Management has been helping Corporate America reduce employee financial stress for over 30 years. The days of the gold watch, pension and post retiree health benefits are a thing of the past. Financial education in the workplace is more important today than ever before.

  • Financial Planning for Executives
  • Pre Retirement Planning
  • Successful Retirement Strategies/Income Management
  • Stock Option Strategies
  • Managing income from 401k and Cash Balance Pensions
  • Financial issues in Employment transition

Liquidity Event Strategies For Business Owners

Most business owners spend their lives focused on running their business, often leaving personal financial planning issues for later. After years of hard work and dedication, many will face the once in a lifetime liquidity event and yet find themselves unprepared emotionally and financially for the ramifications that often ensue as a result of a successful sale or business succession liquidity event. This event often produces tax and legal obstacles, not to mention the concern for lifestyle income needs.

The advisory team at SBC can help business owners make the right personal financial planning decisions before and after a liquidity event, allowing for a more successful outcome, which is essential for meeting lifestyle objectives.

Institutional Services

SBC offers Institutional Services for Charitable Foundations, Non-Profits, and Endowments. We have a passion for your organization and its mission. We believe our primary responsibility is helping you achieve your stated objectives and realize the ultimate goal you envision for your organization. Our mission is to help small to mid-sized organizations fulfill their missions by managing their investments more effectively, efficiently, and strategically aligned with overall objectives.

  • Fee-only Fiduciary model
  • Committee Governance
  • Manager due diligence
  • Portfolio Management